Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Personals Ad

"Hi there!
I'm happy you found my profile! Please sit back and let me introduce myself and my world!

People often tell me that what strikes them the most about me is my bubbly personallity, my eye to detail and my pure, intrinsic evil. My closest "friends" often describe me as unintelligent, but with a well developed sneakyness that gains me insight into peoples weaknesses and an understanding of how to exploit them. I'm also known to be cheap and and as a man who rather bite his head off than pay for dinner. Some would probably point out my creepyness. Others have actually had the gaul to kvetch about my personal hygiene, looks, smell, and so on.

Professionally I'm a bit of a failure I'm afraid, seing as I just got fired, but I have high hopes of tricking my insurance company into paying a few months of dole, so I might be able to pay rent for the charming studio basement apartment I'm renting in South Bronx. I have been able to hold down several jobs for long stretches of time though, but they all ended as soon as my prison term was up, and in all honesty they didn't pay very well.

However - other peoples seething hatred for my person is easily balanced by my megalomanic and undying love for myself. Every thought, smirk or even word I bestow upon the general public I consider an act of bevevolent and loving kindness. And as they say - If you don't love your self, how can you possibly love somebody else? Hence there is no limit to my capacity for love!!!!"

So....sometimes I get a bit tired of all the streamlined copy writing on Frumster and other dating sites.....meh!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Delancey street

truth is
I never did know how to love
so in the nights I
flicked on the screen
and let my soul fall with with the cloudy white snow flakes
over yet another manhattan new years happy ending
and for another 15 minutes falling through the jewel light
of the shimmering city skyline
I was whole

I would steal the one liners from the street florists
and the confessions of the heart off the city side walks
I'd smoke my cigarettes in the softness of my dark room
and blow the smoke through the blue light towards the ceiling
savioring them words
saving them silver nitrate heart beats
for the next girl to show up en route some place completely different
such as marriage
such as love

I can't love and can't sleep so I
visit the late night movie shows
we sit few and far between
I watch the couples when the light comes on
they rub the fiction from their eyes and smile
to each other
drowsily like newborn

he helps her with her coat and as they leave
I turn my attention to the credits and all these
names from the bible

on cold winter nights there is a tune playing on
delancey street and when I'm brave enough
strong enough
determined enough
me enough
I walk to the middle of the bridge through the biting wind
where you can here it perfectly

other nights I just
flick the screen on
and let my soul fall with the snow flakes
over another manhattan happy ending
while I memorize the one liners for another girl
en route to somebody completely different
and light another


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday morning, 2 AM

come night
take me in
put your warm hands on mine
give me your darkness and sorrows and secrets
be my friend and lover as before

strew your silver on the river and pour your rain
on the solitary streets and give them comfort
caress the street lights and the sleeping cars
your breath in every lonely engine sound
in every tired sleeping block

come night sit down and share my coffee and my cigarettes
look me in the eyes and tell me that you'll never leave me
that I'll always be your child no matter what
your brother and your confidant

that no matter what happens you'll always be there

come night with your slowing hours and your scent of time
hum your song of cabbies, cops and drunks
to your tune of distant sirens, distant horns and distant dreams
give my regards to the starbucks clerks and the insomniacs

come night with morphine for the wounded and insane
come night with clarity of heart and mind and memory
show me all I lost and never cried for
and let me cry

come night and lie beside me
breathe your darkness all around me

come night and make me human

once again