Monday, March 15, 2010

closer to kim than you

closer to kim than you
closer to nails than fingertips
closer to fire than oxygen
closer to life than breath and heartbeat

closer to stars than night
closer to words than silence
closer to skin than flesh
closer to spring than wind and rain

closer to slave than master

is longing to the lonely
prayer to the destitute
father to daughter
wife to husband
life to death
man to god
hope to love

the heart of another beating in your chest

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a brother on the radio

allways wished I had a brother
smoke from the same chimney
filtered though the same skies
someone to help me carry the years
a stained mirror to look into

another man like me
and nothing like me

but there is a voice on the radio
and through the dusty memories
he sings of how i broke my heart
in another life and another time
when i waisted myself and you

he sings like I would
if I had been a singer
the words that I would
if I was a poet and rebel
that you were an angel
and that I was wrong

another heart like mine
and nothing like it

I wish there was another man
that I didn't need to prove anything to
I wish I weren't an orphan and that I had
a brother that had worked the same
factory floors and had lived the same years

another man like me
and nothing like me

is singing on the air waives of how I failed you
som many years ago that I can hardly remember
how I never gave you what I asked for and how
I could have stayed with you and let you love me

I wish I had a brother
I wish there was another
man like me out there to help me carrry

the years