Sunday, November 27, 2011

Learning to fly...

I'm not even gonna try to say something eloquent to excuse the lack of updates on this blog. Suffice to say I've been busy, primarily with my day time work at Webpals as Content Writer, but lately also with setting up websites to drive traffic to a friends online shop for Swedish Snus, and hence trying to get a better grip on SEO as well as website building. If any one should want to ponder the results so far you find them here and here respectively. So far this latter engagement has only cost me money, but then again, if a few thousand Israelis could get it into their heads to quit smoking, it might be worth it. Other than that.

* Politics here in the Middle East has been a complete mess for almost a year, and commenting on it would require full time dedication. Suffice to say they started handing out gas masks to government employees. Everything is pointing to war, but there are many theories as to when, why and who. Even western media has started writing about what I pointed out half a year ago - nothing changed in Egypt except that the thin veil of civil government was removed. The military stayed in power.

* Dating seem to be a punishment for our sins, and I spend a lot of time consoling those that engage in it. My own efforts aren't really bearing fruit either....

* The crazy begging female junkie who is usually very happy and social had a fit of anger yesterday as I walked through the hood. And one of the refugees had a tantrum about how he would "kill all the whites and Jews". It was early though, so I wasn't in the mood to argue.

* Spent shabbes in bed, KO:d by a cold from hell.

* It's winter, which means rain and cold mornings and evenings. I have however discovered that the train is a more pleasant way of traveling 3 hours a day to work than are the constantly overcrowded buses.

* Im trying to quit smoking. How it feels? See pic above....

* Hopefully to be updated sooner next time around. Chodesh tov.