Friday, December 11, 2009

taking my leave

good bye
im leaving

take it the wrong way if you want
we were close once which is exactly
why i dont want you in my periphery

but feel free to
take it the wrong way id say youre
entitled to

i used to say that loves greatest mystery
was the
turned strangership and the taste of blood
under clasped teeth and fake smiles and

people would trade a thousand hookups to
one person whoud step between them and
those who do what those who do
aint my people aint
my tribe aint


aint much

grown an old mans scent
and fat
bad teeth
and so
bad breath

thats about it

but my heart is banging hard and crimson
and yesterday i stepped between a broken bottle
and a stranger
without fear
thats me

and i know this aint my time but i have no intention
to make it mine

so im taking my leave
if you want you know
where to reach me if
you dont


1 comment:

  1. Sad but beautiful!
    I'd say with that heart of yours, any time is your time.