Friday, November 19, 2010

Shabat Shalom...

Not much happening around here today. Fridays are off for most people in Israel nowadays, including for Ulpan students. Spent the day re-reading Too-Soon-Old-Late-Smart. You'd might call it Self-Hellp literature, but it's completely devoid of happy-go-lucky bullshit advice and self-centered shallowness, and it doesn't serv up any easy solutions to complex problems.. I hate Self Help literature. It's an account of 30 clearcut truths that a psychiatrist named Livingston has extracted over a life's experience of his patients and their therapy, as well as from it's own life, which has been really difficult in many aspects. First time I read it I got pretty upset with the author, because he kindly but firmly discard all our excuses for not leading better lives. The main thrust is that we can't wait around until we feel better to change our lives, because we can not intellectually think ourselves happier, feelings and thoughts and self-perceptions follow behavior, not the other way around. This means that in order to feel better, to get rid of unwanted thoughts and be happier, we need to act and we need to take risks. Our feelings will follow accordingly. Now if this sounds like self-help crap, it's because it's a short description. The book as such is bordering on plain wise, and I really recommend it, it's a worthwhile read.

Other than that The Vibe has moved into Benjys vacated room, this way we are avoiding the risk that some ham-consuming, vodka-drinking Russian 25-year old will be placed there. The Vibeman, if not very religous, knows what is kosher and what not. Both him and Quentin are away to TA and J-town respectively.

Speaking of action, it's time to shave, shower, light the Shabbes candles and head to shul. Shabbat Shalom.

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