Sunday, June 10, 2012

Popular posts - wut?

Blogger is kindly supplying me with stats for my blog. This is nice. However. The two blog posts that by far get the most amount of traffic are:

1) Shul bevaiour and pot smoking


2) What is the problem with men

Seeing as I work in SEO (Search Engine Optimization for those of you who lived under a rock the last 7 years), I can´t really understand this – how many pot heads worry about shul behavior enough to google for it? A tip from the coach: DO NOT be a pot head! That simple. You will eventually become very stupid, and on top of that achieve a very dark and gloomy outlook on the world and Hashem´s creation. If you have to light up, do it once a month. Tops.

The other question that arises - are we men really that bad to have that many women trying out the Internet for an answer to what the hell we are up to? That would explain why lately it has become almost impossible for me even to get a date:-) So....if you you are a man and feel that article is anywhere close to home, please do get your shit together and stop throwing a monkey wrench in the dating process of all us decent guys! Pleeeease.

Other than that I spent Shabbes with my friend Yehuda in Ramat Beit Shemesh. Present was also my old friend Shreiberlish whom I haven´t seen in two years. Good times. Now bed. Shavua tov!

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