Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mashiv HaRuach....

Beginning on Schmini Atzeret, Jews start inserting the extra request Mashiv HaRuach uMorid HaGeshem in the main prayer Amida that is repeated at all three daily services. Literally translated it means "Make the wind blow and the rain fall", and the obvious reason is that now is the time when we need rain for seeds and plants to get a good harvest (and nowadays, to resupply lake Kineret with drinking water). Those who've been following this blog know that it's been the driest and warmest November since 1941 in Israel, and so far, except for the heat, December aint looking much better. But on the Mashiv HaRuach part, this Shabbes, our prayers have been answered....

There are basically three weather phenomenons that can magically make whole pieces of a city disappear. The first and most common to westerners is fog. Slightly less common is smog. The first time I witnessed the magic power of air pollution was when I had already spent a week in Santiago De Chile, capital of Chile. After a night of heavy rain I stepped out on the porch and do my amazement fount that the whole city was surrounded by the most brilliantly shining and beautiful, snow-capped mountain range, crystal clearly visible agains the clear blue sky. The rain had cleared the smog. Two days later the mountain range was gone.

Santiago on a clear day.
The third one is a sand storm. Now those of you who have only seen sand storms at the movies may think of them as hail storm of sand. The usually are not. The sand grains are so small you can't make them out, it's like sand flour. And they blow in the wind gusts and fill the air to the extent that you can't see more than 200 meters, while coloring said air slightly brown. And so the sand get's un your mouth, nostrils, lungs and everywhere else. And this is what's been the whether here for the whole Shabbes. And trust me, it't not doing wonders for my burgeoning cold....


So...dear G-d, can we please have some rain as well? Is it to much to ask for? On a related topic I hereby wish all you readers Shavua Tov. And for those of you who have Sunday off, a continued nice weekend. Me I'm starting a new Ulpan tomorrow, and even possibly has a date assuming the woman in question will get in contact, seeing as she doesn't have a phone where she can be reached. Yalla.

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