Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The ugliest building on earth and ad hoc snapshots

As far as I understand, once you own a plot of land and have secured a building permit in Israel, you can pretty much build what the hell you want on it. This gives architects and builders a very big freedom, which results in interesting, fascinating, innovative and horribly ugly buildings. Below, please find what I believe may be the ugliest building on the planet.

Now, what on earth were they thinking? First of all, you can't see anything out of the windows as they are facing the street. And second what is it supposed to look like? It has a vague similarity the the Escanian speciality "Sp├Ąttekaka", with soot stains added.....

Escanian speciality

Completely Ad Hoc, if you like snacks from the plant kingdom, Israel is your place, as can be seen from the above picture from my tobacco dealer.

The below vista is the first that will greet the newcomer to Tel Aviv, capital of the state of the Jews,  if he gazes right just after exiting from the maze that is Tel Aviv's central bus station. Religious as I am, I can't help appreciating the absurd humor to it...Welcome to Israel.

Kingdom of pork specializes in...I'll give you one guess.

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