Tuesday, October 19, 2010


....is something I've been drifting out of during Chagim, basically a result of having no fixed schedule except for eating absurd amounts of food and being in Shul. But now that the Ulpan has started i dearly need to get my shit together. Work, work, work!

Last night however, the rather rowdy apartment gang stayed late, and Noddy showed off is skills at impersonating colored South Africans (apparently "colored" is the politically correct term for the mix between blacks and whites in South Africa) and Arnold Schwartznegger.

"Daaemn" Wee gatta giet auta hier, die ting iz ganna blooooow!!"

All this to thundering laughter and Tweety said she started to feel her place as court gester/impersonator threatened. I suggested a division of labour - Noddy would do the famous peeps and she would stick to the local Merkaz characters. In any case it was difficult to get any home work done. Bad excuse. Discipline, like I said.

Noddy impersonating a Gremlin
Went over to the bank and tried it Israeli - I didn't get a number and instead just walked up to the clerk's booth, sat down and asked for my debit card, which I ordered a month ago. It worked out splendidly, and I only had to sign 2 papers and I got my card and left. Ulpan (for you who don't know, this is a methodology in language training invented in Israel and successfully exported) today was good, and Ronit (my drill instructor....sorry...teacher) didn't scream at me for being an hour late. We are still mostly working future tense.

At coffee break me and Brian discussed "HaMatzav" (literally "The Situation", meaning Israel vis a vis the world, primarily the Palestinians) . We are both certain the staus quo is going nowhere good. So....1 state, 2, 3....? Nothing will happen with the current leadership anyway. The heat is back with around 37 degrees and the eventual cool breeze. Life is good.

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