Thursday, October 21, 2010

Politics on Facebook...

Woke up late today, meaning around 8 AM, with a clear idea in my head: I need to stop waiting my time discussing religion and politics with people who don't understand even the basics of either. There are libraries and there are books. You can either read them of not, but I will no longer try to explain the history Israel and it's conflicts, the evolution and content of ideologies, plain empirical fact or the nature of rational argument, in Facebook commentaries. And speaking of commentaries, I'd love it if you'd leave them here rather than on Facebook as many of my readers aren't on said social media.

Quite naturally I will break my promise of not participating in FB debates, but let's see how long I can keep it up;-)

Other than that an eventless day so far so not much to report. We had a grammar test and I was once again reminded that my knowledge of temporal conjugation of hebrew verbs is a joke. Spent the break discussing the politics of war with Jochanan, a former Iraq veteran who has a few insights to it, as well as 3 very cute children. He and is wife has been here for 6 months and the are in the same class as me. Their youngest child was born here.

Jochanan and his youngest daughter
In any case Jonathan and his girlfriend Sanna is in Israel so I'm off to Tel Aviv now to meet up with them. Eager to here some reports on the Status in Stockholm. I will spend the bus ride of 1.5 hours accompanied by my beloved Hebrew verbs, future tense.

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