Thursday, October 28, 2010

One of those days...

Woke up too late after 2 nights of insomnia, courtesy of the Cheech & Chongs of the world as well as my incapacity to discipline my living patterns. Got out of bed and felt completely out of it and went down for coffee and cigarettes and Ulpan, this day lead by the Director, Nissim, who speaks so fast and rushes through each new segment of the lecture it makes your head spin. One good things is that we spent the second lesson in the computer lab, which also serves as the Merkaz bomb shelter (we are in shooting distance from Gaza...), to work on the blessed Hebrew verb conjugations, and this time I successfully wrote down the the web address to the FREE online training site, hosted by Haifa University. On a note that I managed not to loose that is, so here it goes:

I strongly recommend it for anyone studying Hebrew. It gives you the opportunity to train all binyanim in all tenses, with gradually harder targilim.

The day went on being one of those that you fight through rather than just live. Overtired and out of it. Like swimming in syrup upstreams. I did however manage to remember the Yaarseit in Geula Shul, one of the two Sephardic Synagogues I frequent. I even forced myself through my weight lifting exercise, doing push-ups, triceps dips and biceps curls, with the metal guest bed serving as barbell. I've decided that the belly is up for termination, as well as my 80-year old's physical shape.

Geula Synagogue
Well, then. Homework time. I hear the din of a party brewing drifting through my closed door, along with a unmistakable smell of burning incense, portable headache. And Cannabis Sattiva. More portable headache. They still here in 3 hours, someone is getting murdered.

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  1. Sounds more like a rowdy college dorm :-) you've got to regulate that sh*t as my children used to say...